From: Melvyn Drag (
Date: Sat Jul 18 2015 - 20:20:22 CDT

Hello everyone,
I hope someone can help me install and modify the tcl plugins.

I am following the instructions here:

and trying to install the textview plugin. I saved textview.tcl in
noarch/tcl. Then i start vmd, from within that directory and type:

vmd_install_extension textview textview_tk "Data/Text Viewer"

Text Viewer appears in the menu, but when I click it a window doesn't
appear and I get an error message about textview_tk.

My ultimate goal is to make modifications to the rmsd plugin, and this
brings me to my second issue. In the rmsd1.0 tool source code there
are two sets of color options, one of which is commented out, and the
other which is not. I commented out the one that is in use and
uncomment the other color scheme, but there is no difference in the
tool. How do I reload this plugin after making modifications?

Would you please advise me?


Melvyn Drag