From: Cheri M Turman (
Date: Fri Apr 02 2004 - 15:29:00 CST

Hi John and others,
I was having error messages when starting up vmd. I sent this question
to everyone yesterday. John Stone suggested that I was not installing
it properly since I was not seeing a special startup script called 'vmd'
 and I was instead using vmd_LINUX. He was correct (thanks John!). I
am now getting the vmd script; however, I am not able to execute it. I
am getting the /bin/csh : bad interpreter error. Of course I thought it
was just a permission problem but it turns out that it is not. Any
ideas of how I can fix this? Below is the console where I installed
vmd. Is there maybe another log file stored somewhere during
installation which might show where an error has occured?

linuxbox:~$ source ~/.bashrc
linuxbox:~$ ./configure
bash: ./configure: No such file or directory
linuxbox:~$ cd Desktop/vmd-1.8.2
linuxbox:~/Desktop/vmd-1.8.2$ ./configure
using configure.options: LINUX OPENGL TK TCL
linuxbox:~/Desktop/vmd-1.8.2$ cd src
linuxbox:~/Desktop/vmd-1.8.2/src$ make install
if [ ! -d /home/turmancm/Desktop/vmd ]; then \
        mkdir -p /home/turmancm/Desktop/vmd ; \
fi ; \
if [ ! -d /home/turmancm/Desktop/RUNVMD ]; then \
        mkdir -p /home/turmancm/Desktop/RUNVMD ; \
fi ; \
if [ ! -d /home/turmancm/Desktop/vmd/doc ]; then \
        mkdir -p /home/turmancm/Desktop/vmd/doc; \
cp ../Announcement /home/turmancm/Desktop/vmd
cp ../README /home/turmancm/Desktop/vmd
cp ../LICENSE /home/turmancm/Desktop/vmd
cp ../doc/ug.pdf /home/turmancm/Desktop/vmd/doc
cp ../LINUX/vmd_LINUX /home/turmancm/Desktop/vmd
cp ../lib/stride/stride_LINUX ../lib/surf/surf_LINUX
../lib/tachyon/tachyon_LINUX /home/turmancm/Desktop/vmd
cd ..; tar -cf - scripts | \
(cd /home/turmancm/Desktop/vmd ; tar -xf -)
cd ../lib; tar -cf - scripts | \
(cd /home/turmancm/Desktop/vmd ; tar -xf -)
cd ..; tar -cf - python | \
(cd /home/turmancm/Desktop/vmd/scripts ; tar -xf -)
cd ..; tar -cf - plugins | \
(cd /home/turmancm/Desktop/vmd ; tar -xf -)
cp ../data/.vmdrc ../data/.vmdsensors /home/turmancm/Desktop/vmd
cd ../bin ; \
if [ -f run_vmd_tmp ]; then rm -f run_vmd_tmp; fi ; \
echo '#!/bin/csh' >> run_vmd_tmp ; \
echo 'set defaultvmddir=/home/turmancm/Desktop/vmd' >> run_vmd_tmp ; \
echo 'set vmdbasename=vmd' >> run_vmd_tmp ; \
cat vmd >> run_vmd_tmp ; \
chmod +x run_vmd_tmp ; \
cp run_vmd_tmp /home/turmancm/Desktop/RUNVMD/vmd ; \
rm -f run_vmd_tmp
echo Make sure /home/turmancm/Desktop/RUNVMD/vmd is in your path.
Make sure /home/turmancm/Desktop/RUNVMD/vmd is in your path.
echo "VMD installation complete. Enjoy!"
VMD installation complete. Enjoy!
linuxbox:~/Desktop/vmd-1.8.2/src$ cd ../../RUNVMD/
linuxbox:~/Desktop/RUNVMD$ ./vmd
bash: ./vmd: /bin/csh: bad interpreter: No such file or directory

Thanks for any help,
   Cheri M. Turman
   Graduate Student
   University of Texas-Houston Medical School
    6431 Fannin
    Houston, TX 77030 USA

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