From: Albert (
Date: Sat Oct 17 2015 - 02:22:56 CDT

Chimera and VMD have their own unique features for Visualization. WebGL
of Chimera is still actively under development.

I didn't know X3D model in VMD before and I just generated one.

I try to open it with my Browser under Linux, however:

in Chrome it only show the source code in page
in Firefox, it try to download the file....

Do you have any idea how to display it in webpage correctly? I just
Google it and there are not so many document about it.

Thanks a lot

On 10/17/2015 12:01 AM, John Stone wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm well aware of WebGL... I've written code in WebGL before.
> I think you're confused about WebGL vs. exporting a scene.
> WebGL is a way of writing software for graphics in Javascript, it' just
> a set of javascript bindings for OpenGL. Web is not a scene description
> format. All of the modern browser-based methods for displaying 3-D
> models rely on WebGL, including X3DOM, the components you provided
> URL links for, and many others.
> What is it that you want from VMD that the existing tools that you
> are already familiar with can't do? You said that Chimera didn't
> have many options. Is there something you're expecting VMD to do
> that Chimera's export tool can't do yet? Have you tried the existing
> X3D model formats VMD already exports?
> Cheers,
> John Stone