From: Aditya Padhi (
Date: Thu Jul 21 2016 - 22:49:35 CDT

Dear VMD users,

I have predicted a protein structure having 4 different domains (for e.g.
1-94, 95-247, 248-444 and 445-509 residues) and all are part of a single
protein from 1-509 residues. They have been predicted from different

Now, I want to join them together to form a single PDB file i.e. make a
single PDB file containing the entire protein from 1-509 residues from the
above 4 PDB files. Afterwards, I want to run a simulation of the built
structure. I searched in google for possible solution but not sure which
method would be better. Is there any solution to build this one structure
in VMD?

Please let me know.
Thank you so much.