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Hi Jack,

Change the default segname. Psfgen doesn’t let segnames clash, and will bail out. Usually, when I put waters on either side of a membrane, the first segment use WT, and the second set of segments uses WA. Lookup the exact syntax on how to do this in the solvate plugin documentation online.

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I have been trying to use this method, but again ran into the problem. I tried a few different things, and think I narrowed down the problem. First, I created a waterbox around the original molecule PDB file (with no water) and then added more water molecules. This worked perfectly. However, when I tried to add water molecules to the PDB file in which the waterbox is already included, I got the error:

duplicate segment key WT1
ERROR: failed on segment
MOLECULE DESTROYED BY FATAL ERROR! Use resetpsf to start over.

No matter what the coordinates of the new waterbox, the error occurs. So I believe it is an issue in which I am trying to solvate something that has already been solvated. Is there a different way to add water molecules to the PDB file when it starts in a waterbox?

Thanks Again,


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Can’t you just specify minmax so that min is the largest (in magnitude) -Z you want and max is a Z value at the minimum Z border of your existing box?


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Hello All,

I am currently equilibrating the integrin αVβ3 in a waterbox using NAMD. When it is done, I would like to add some water molecules to it, but only in the -z direction. Currently, the αVβ3 pdb and psf files have a waterbox in which I used the following in the Tk Console (from the NAMD tutorial):

solvate myfile.psf myfile.pdb -t 5 -o myfile_waterbox

I just tried using this in the Tk Console to create my new waterbox:

package require solvate
solvate myfile.psf myfile.pdb -minmax {{-X -Y -Z} {X Y Z}} -o myfile_watercube

with my custom waterbox dimensions, but I can't use this method when a waterbox already exists because it creates duplicate, overlapping water molecules. Is there a way to add water molecules a certain distance in only one direction? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank You,