From: Ashley Bennett (
Date: Wed Nov 02 2016 - 16:39:20 CDT

I am running VMD1.9.2 on a late 2013 MacBookPro running MacOS10.12. During
certain analysis procedures VMD crashes and the I am given a segfault
error. VMD just hangs on windows but no segfault errors are shown. I was
wondering why I might get a segfault error when running the analysis on my
computer. (FYI, I have since cleaned up the scripts and they run without
hanging or causing a segfault error now).

Also, I seem to be unable to use any renderer besides SnapShot. This issue
is new and appeared sometime between October 24 (the last time I
successfully rendered an image with Tachyon) and October 31 (when I first
noticed the problem). I have tried restarting my computer, uninstalling VMD
and reinstalling it, I have tried VMD1.9.3beta but nothing seems to work.
The render issue prevents me from rendering still images as well as making
movies. There are no errors thrown and the render seems to work to
completion, however the output file contains no information (i.e. file size
= 0 bytes) and cannot be opened by any program that I have tried. As this
problem seemingly arose out of no where, and there are no errors to help me
track down the cause/solution for the problem, I was hoping I could get
some help in resolving this issue, I really need to make high quality
images for my PhD thesis work.