From: sunyeping (
Date: Tue Jan 10 2017 - 04:47:42 CST

The simulation was done in one stretch and no error was reported. No restart was done during the simulation. Actually I have asked the staff in tianhe-2 to test the trajectory and he said they can load the trajectory in VMD properly. I think that some error might occur in the file trasferring but I am not sure. 

Prof. Geist,Is rsync a error-prove way to transfer large file?
Yeping------------------------------------------------------------------From:Ashar Malik <>Time:2017 Jan 10 (Tue) 18:30To:孙业平 <>Cc:Norman Geist <>; vmd-l <>Subject:Re: AW: vmd-l: why vmd cannot load the dcd trajectory?
When the simulation was running, was it done in one stretch, or did you use restarts? Did the simulation crash? Did it ever run out of space and you restarted it?