From: Stewart Dickson (
Date: Wed May 19 2004 - 11:22:54 CDT

Tue Mar 02 2004 - 09:56:59 CST
John Stone (/

> Guys,
> Do you know why running VMD via the normal startup script doesn't work
> with Chromium? Is some Chromium environment variable lost when it is run
> that way? If you guys can tell me what's going on there, I can probably
> change the startup script so that it works for Chromium too.
> Thanks,
> John Stone
> <>

An OpenGL application using Chromium is launched via Python such that
the application
loads Chromium's [was WireGL] 'app faker' libraries instead of the
standard OpenGL libs
which are installed on the system. Chromium must grab the OpenGL stream
from the

I can send you an example python script which does this, if you are

There are similar problems running Vtk under Chromium. The solution for
Vtk [on Linux] is the following:
set LD_PRELOAD=${CR_DIR}/lib/Linux/

This remedy doesn't work for the VMD script, however. Loading the vmd
does work.

Hope this helps.

-Stewart Dickson