From: Stewart Dickson (
Date: Wed May 19 2004 - 15:44:24 CDT


I have discovered that the vmd-1.8.1 binary will run fine through
Chromium (cr-1.2), but
vmd-1.8.2 will not. And I think I know why:

The error I get from 'crserver' [when I send a vmd-1.8.2 OpenGL stream
to it]
is as follows:

CR Error(catacomb02:4378): Invalid pname to __numValues: 0x8073

Here is a clue as to what the error means:
[pack/unpack validation tester]

"What do I do when I get ?
CR Error(localhost:12345) Invalid pname to __numValues: 0x034f7

edit crserverlib/ and add the missing token "

In are tables containing all the OpenGL call keywords
Chromium supports.

I see among the differences between the vmd-1.8.1 and vmd-1.8.2 source code:
Which do not exist in the vmd-1.8.1 source.

Among the functions defined in OpenGLExtensions.h are "...OpenGL Shading
Language support..." I know that Chromium up to cr-1.7 does not define
OpenGL shader language
calls. The precise token corresponding to 0x8073? I'm not exactly
sure, but I'm pretty
sure it is the fact that the native OpenGL headers define shader
language calls, but CR
does not.