From: Dallas Warren (
Date: Mon Oct 09 2017 - 20:43:57 CDT

Generating a y-axis rotation animation, using Movie Generator with
TachyonL-Optix renderer, 2D, standard projection, AO on.

Between frames, the shadow generated by the overhead light source with
the licorice representation and visible on a QuickSurf representation
stutters and has the wrong appearence. It's jaggered at the points
where the cylinder for the bond and the sphere for the atom join
together in the shadow, almost like it is a low quality polygon rather
than high one have used.

Currently generating an animation using Internal Tachyon to see if it
is there too, but that does take quite a bit longer to generate. Will
reply as soon as have some details there.

John, can send you a link to a file, privately, to show what is
happening if required.

Catch ya,

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