From: Hua Wong (
Date: Thu May 27 2004 - 04:05:56 CDT

I am sorry to disturb for what might be a trivial question :(
I tried to understand the way selection work under VMD.
I achieved good result using selection into the graphical representation window.
Unfortunately, the expressions I use doesn't work when input in the contact map plugin selection box.

A simple example is:
resid 35 to 40
Works just well in the representation window,

but show me:
Error:vecsub:two vectors don't have the same size

when entered in the selection boxes of contact map plugin (well, as it has "all" as default value, I do hope they are selection boxes). I am quite puzzled by all this...

Can someone just give me a simple example of selecting a chain and some residue when in the contact map plugin? Then I might be able to make it out on my own.