From: Philippe Bopp (
Date: Fri Dec 01 2017 - 11:27:33 CST

Hi Aashish
if your VMD gets stuck, presumably because of memory, try  loading
every n'th configuration instead of every configuration from yourconfiguration file; this is probably good enough for rdf-calculations
you can specify every how-many'th configuration to load (the stride)
at the bottom of the 'new molecule' panel.

I have 100ns trajectory i want calculate RDF but due to limited resource if i upload more than 50ns in VMD, Its can i do this calculation to get correct RDF value for continuous 100ns.
Actually I want RDF analysis by the help of rdf.tcl  script. I have amber topology file (.prmtop .parm7) and dcd file. When i am write the mol new  parm7 fil.parmtop is not taking through TK console. So can you guide me how can giving the name topology file in the script. 

Aashish BhattINST-Mohali