From: Vermaas, Joshua (
Date: Wed Jan 10 2018 - 17:02:01 CST

Hi Rabeta,

Combine selections together with "and" and "not". "lipids and within 10
of protein and not within 5 of protein" would get you what you want. Be
aware that the distance comparisons are atom-based by default, so you
may also want to include a "same residue as" in the appropriate places.


On 01/10/2018 03:09 PM, Rabeta Yeasmin wrote:
> Dear VMD users,
> I want to select lipids within 5-10 A of protein in a lipid bilayer
> system where the protein is inside. I know to select lipids within 5 A
> or within 10 A of protein. I am wondering how to select between 5-10 A
> of protein.
> Thanks.
> Rabeta Yeasmin