From: Vermaas, Joshua (
Date: Tue Mar 06 2018 - 11:53:35 CST

Hi Per,

Looking at the source for 1.9.3, that does seem to be the case. The only place in the codepath to enable the omindirection projection is in the OptiXRenderer, so machines without a NVIDIA GPU can't make the images needed for VR. So indeed the path of least resistance for you would be to prepare a script that renders what you want (you can test it with snapshot), and then move everything to another machine and render again with the GPU.


On 03/06/2018 06:47 AM, Per Larsson wrote:
Hi VMD-users

I am trying to create movies from simulations trajectories for the Samsung Gear VR system, and tried to follow the tutorial on this page:>

However, it is unclear to me whether I am forced to use the TachyonL-OptiX renderer to achieve this? I am currently working with VMD version 1.9.3 using macOS 10.13.3 with the built-in Iris Plus Graphics 640, but no CUDA.

Is it then not possible to create VR-movies on this system, since it requires specifically the OptiX-renderer?

Is the alternative then to do something like what is discussed here, using the VMD GUI to set colors, representations etc, save that state and copy everything to the linux machine and render there?>

Many thanks
/Per Larsson