From: Per Larsson (
Date: Thu Mar 08 2018 - 03:49:38 CST

Hi again

Thanks - this is helpful indeed.

One more thing though, I can't seem to produce proper 360 videos when I view them using the Samsung VR Gear.

I have a molecular dynamics trajectory that I load into VMD, and process it with representations etc…
Then I render with optiX, after having set the four env variables specified here:

my rendering command in the script is simply:
render TachyonLOptiXInternal $filename

And VMD starts rendering, and outputs information to stdout:
Info) Rendering current scene to 'snap.0000.tga' ...
Info) Overriding VMD camera projection mode with spherical equirectangular projection
Info) Overriding VMD camera, enabling stereo
OptiXDisplayDevice) Total rendering time: 259.31 sec

etc… for all frames

I then post-process with ffmpeg to turn the individual tga-images into a mp4 movie, and then inject that movie with metadata using the Spatial Media Metadata Injector from Google, to turn it into 360.

The final video looks neat, but is clearly not 360 although it stretches some of the way. But there must be something I am missing, either in how I visualize my trajectory initially in VMD, how I use the OptiX renderer, or how I post-process the top-bottom images.

Any help or hints are much appreciated