From: TRINH Minh Hieu (
Date: Wed May 16 2018 - 20:35:56 CDT


I am using VMD to visualize 3D data from 3D camera.
I am currently transforming PCD format (a common point cloud format from
Point Cloud Library) to .xyz file

The only problem is the xyz file is in ascii and is quite large : 2GB for a
320x240 image size and 1400 frames

I saw that there is a binary format file .js but I cannot find the format
description anywhere ? If it is not proprietary format, would you be able
to publish the format/description ?

After loading my xyz file containing 14000 frames, I tried to generate the
js file from vmd using :

  set sel [atomselect top all]
  $sel writejs allFrame.js
  $sel delete

But the output js file only contain 1 frame. Is it normal ? Does the js
format support more than 1 frames ?