From: P C Kroon (
Date: Thu Aug 30 2018 - 04:25:46 CDT

Hi all,

@Josh: no worries, it was worth a try 😊
I know approximately nothing about TCL/TK, but Is there any way to get a list of all installed (and TCL usable) fonts? And even if it’s trying to use an unavailable font, shouldn’t it pick a similar one that *is* available?
I’m really at a loss on how to debug this further, so be sure to let me know if you need me to try something or just more info from my side.


From: Charles Schwieters
Sent: 29 August 2018 22:54
To: Vermaas, Joshua
Subject: Re: vmd-l: Plugins show no text

Hello Folks--

> ContactMap = Unusable
> Timeline = Unusable
> I've systematically worked through the other GUI-accessible plugins, and none of
> them show the same behavior. I've attached a screenshot of what the panel looks
> like for me. No text is displayed whatsoever, except for a few stray underscores
> where text ought to be.

Odd. These plugins work just fine for me with tcl/tk 8.6 (probably
8.6.6) on linux machines. I wonder why things don't work for some.