From: Vermaas, Joshua (
Date: Thu Nov 08 2018 - 18:55:32 CST

Hi Abolfazl,

Turn on logging (File->log to file/console), and play with changing colors, materials, and drawing methods. VMD will report the commands it used behind the scenes based on your input. The documentation itself is under the "mol" commands in the user guide.


On 2018-11-08 16:12:39-07:00 wrote:

I am going to, for example, select all the atoms with "name 2" which has "x<10", then change their color, materialand drawing method. Unfortunately, I could not find out which commands in TkConsole (or TCL) could do that.
I know the following line selects those atoms for me:

% set sel [atomselect top "name 2 and x<10"]

I want some commands like the one below which simply changes the radius of those atoms (to change color, material, etc):

$sel set radius 2