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Date: Thu Jan 03 2019 - 12:32:02 CST

Hi Prabir,

Next question: permissions. Do you as an unprivileged user have read access to that directory and the contents within it? What should happen when you add things to the auto_path is that it reads all the pkgIndex.tcl files in those directories, which provide package loading instructions. If those files are unreadable because you don't have permission to read them, I'd imagine it would tell you that they can't be found.


On 2019-01-02 19:25:56-07:00 Prabir Khatua wrote:

Hi Josh,
My_path is the directory where la1.0 and orient are kept. For me, it is /root/SOFTWARE. I am using linux.


On Jan 2, 2019, at 6:33 PM, Vermaas, Joshua <<>> wrote:

Hi Prabir,

What is your /mypath in this case? Does it match the file location on your computer? I was lazy, and put the unzipped archive in my home directory, so for me this is what I added to my .vmdrc file:

lappend auto_path /home/josh/la1.0
lappend auto_path /home/josh/orient

I have zero idea what the equivalent would look like in windows, if that happens to be your operating system of choice.


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Hi VMD Users,

I installed the Orient package following the instructions that are given in the
VMD website. I have added the following lines in .vmdrc as well

lappend auto_path /my_path/la1.0
lappend autol_path /my_path/orient
However, I am getting an error 'can't find pacakge Orient', while I am typing
'package require Orient' in the tk console. In fact, I have checked whether .vmdrc file is sourced by adding a line like puts stderr "sourcing .vmdrc right now" as I found in vmd mailing library and this message is being displayed on loading vmd. Can anyone please suggest me how to make Orient work?

Happy New Year!


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