From: Hasan Mahmud (
Date: Tue Nov 19 2019 - 14:26:30 CST

Dear All,
I am new in VMD, I am going through the tutorial entitled "Residue-Based
Coarse Graining using MARTINI Force Field in NAMD". In this tutorial,
High-density Lipoprotein (HDL) atomistic PDB structure is converted to a
residue-based coarse grain model. At some point, I have to made a
correction for the protein segment using fix martini psf.tcl script.

I have used the same command following the manual, the commands are as
source fix martini psf.tcl
fix martini psf 0 01-CG-lipoprotein
autopsf.psf 01-CG-lipoprotein autopsf.pdb CG-fix martini psf 1
./05-scripts 1 -1

However, I am getting error message "couldn't execute
"..\05-scripts\dsspcmbi": no such file or directory"

I have copied the dsspcmbi file to the working directory, still getting the
same error message.

your help is appreciated.

Thank you!
Best Regards,
Khandakar Abu Hasan Al Mahmud
Multiscale Mechanics and Physics Lab
University of Texas At Arlington
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