From: Edward Ditler (
Date: Tue Nov 26 2019 - 02:23:58 CST


I am trying to set the representation of my molecule programmatically. For many parts of the visualization, search engines manage to come up with the commands I’m looking for. Still I’m looking for a way to retrieve all possible arguments some of the functions take.

If I try to set the bond resolution of my CPK rep, for example, the command will look something like

vmd > mol modstyle 0 0 BondResolution 100
ERROR) Unknown atom representation command 'BondResolution 100‘.

Now is there some command like `mol modstyle list` to get a list of all acceptable commands? The documentation at unfortunately doesn’t say more than

• modstyle rep_number molecule_number rep_style: Change the current rendering method (style) for the given representation in the specified molecule.
and doesn’t state which values rep_style can take.

Thanks for your help!

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