From: Bart Bruininks (
Date: Thu Dec 05 2019 - 05:54:10 CST

Dear VMDers,

We were working on powerful analysis server and it is finally up and
running. We have trajectories of 500GB which we would like to load all at
once (we have 1.5TB of memory so we should have a chance). However, the
loading of trajectories appears to be performed using only one thread 2.4
GHz of the 64 which are available. This results in no improved IO for VMD
even if we are using raid 0 NVME drives. This is a huge disappointment and
something we should have looked into before, but it just never crossed our
mind it was single threaded reading.
We are wondering if you can verify if this is indeed the reason why we see
no difference between the simple spinning disks and NVMe raid with respect
to opening large files in VMD. Of course we are also wondering if there is
a workaround by changing some settings in VMD or during compilation.

Thanks in advance and if this question was asked before I am sorry, I tried
to read as much VMD news as possible, but I might have missed it.