From: FX (
Date: Sun Dec 08 2019 - 04:31:13 CST

> On Linux Axel Kohlmeyer provided a nice modification to the VMD startup
> script that runs VMD behind 'rlwrap', which achieves exactly what
> you're after:
> You could easily modify the VMD launch script to make
> it use rlwrap if you install it on your machine. Give that a try and
> look at the VMD unix/linux startup scripts for comparison.

Will do, thanks!

> The FLTK calls will have to be worked out in
> a bit more detail since they are (according to the docs at least)
> totally MacOS X-specific

After investigating the FLTK doc and source code, they are not macOS-specific. Fl::use_high_res_GL() can be called on all platforms, but it will only have effect on macOS 10.7 and later. I thought it was safer to have it enabled only inside __APPLE__ anyway, in case FLTK later support high-res display on other platforms, so it can be checked before being enabled.

The other functions: pixel_w(), pixel_h(), and pixels_per_unit() will return “as usual” unless
 - Fl::use_high_res_GL(1) has been specified
 - macOS 10.7 or later
 - the window is on a high-res screen

In fact, a lot of FLTK’s internal code seems to have been rewritten in terms of these newer functions, so I think it would be good to have them unconditionally used in VMD.