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Date: Thu Aug 20 2020 - 02:24:05 CDT



what about:


atomselect macro protein1 {any selection for protein1}

atomselect macro protein2 {any selection for protein2}


Now in drawing methods choose MSMS (or better Quicksurf imho) and as
selection use something like:


same residue as ((protein1 within 2.5 of protein2) or (protein2 within 2.5
of protein1))


You could also split them in two representations, depending on what looks


same residue as (protein1 within 2.5 of protein2)

same residue as (protein2 within 2.5 of protein1)


Also, if you want to play over multiple frames, consider checking the
"Update selection every frame" box on the Trajectory tab in the



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Betreff: vmd-l: How do I define "collision only" atoms using MSMS?



I'm trying to illustrate only the buried surface between two proteins.