From: Prathit Chatterjee (
Date: Mon Nov 16 2020 - 05:31:29 CST


Dear VMD/TCL experts,
Kindly let me know how to sort the following list

"GLU_43 GLY_8 VAL_11 ILE_13 TYR_15 LYS_16 VAL_18 LYS_36 ASP_19 LEU_20 SER_21 LYS_22 VAL_23 SER_25 LYS_26 GLY_7 CYS_27 VAL_14 GLY_28 THR_24 SER_29 LEU_30 GLY_31 GLY_9 ASN_32 GLN_12 ILE_33 HIE_34 HIE_35 PRO_37 GLY_38 GLY_39 PRO_17 GLY_40 GLN_41 VAL_42 PRO_6 LYS_10"
as an increasing function of the integers in the corresponding suffices as given below:

PRO_6 GLY_7 GLY_8 GLY_9 LYS_10 VAL_11 GLN_12 ILE_13 VAL_14 TYR_15 LYS_16 PRO_17 VAL_18 ASP_19 LEU_20 SER_21 LYS_22 VAL_23 THR_24 SER_25 LYS_26 CYS_27 GLY_28 SER_29 LEU_30 GLY_31 ASN_32 ILE_33 HIE_34 HIE_35 LYS_36 PRO_37 GLY_38 GLY_39 GLY_40 GLN_41 VAL_42 GLU_43

I tried different options related to the "lsort" command, but could not resolve the issue.
Any suggestions will be deeply appreciated.Thanks in advance,