From: John Stone (
Date: Thu Dec 17 2020 - 00:44:32 CST

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Your script should instead be written with modern VMD syntax and
in particular with "waitfor all" to prevent evaluation of the dipole
moment prior to completion of file loading:
  mol new uc000.psf waitfor all
  mol addfile uc000.pdb waitfor all
  set sel [atomselect top all]
  set outfile [open dipolet.dat w]
  puts $outfile catch [measure dipole $sel -debye -masscenter]
  close $outfile

Best regards,
  John Stone

On Wed, Dec 16, 2020 at 02:04:59PM +0000, Hamish Swanson wrote:
> Hi there,
> I am trying to determine the dipole moment of a small molecule (c000
> arbitrary name) using the following .tcl script:
> > mol load psf uc000.psf #molecule psf
> > mol load pdb uc000.pdb #molecule pdb
> > set sel [atomselect top all]
> > set outfile [open dipolet.dat w] #desired output file
> name
> > puts $outfile catch [measure dipole $sel -debye -masscenter]
> > close $outfile
> VMD returns [0.0 0.0 0.0] as the dipole moment vector. However, when I
> load the molecule to VMD and repeat the procedure by hand a dipole moment
> as expected is returned by the Tk console. This gives me confidence in the
> validity of the .psf and .pdb files, I have also used these in the setup
> water box equilibration simulations previously, so I do not think they are
> the cause of the issue.
> It is my plan to determine the dipole moment for a series of molecules
> quickly, hence the script and doing this by hand is not viable.
> I am new to VMD and TCL so any input would be much appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Hamish Swanson
> PhD Student
> The University of Strathclyde
> Glasgow

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