From: Mauro Boero (
Date: Mon Sep 06 2021 - 02:08:46 CDT

Dear VMD community,

I am very sorry to bother you for a problem not
strictly VMD related, but so far any attempt at getting help form Apple
has been useless.

I am unsuccessfully trying to install VMD on a new
Mac notebook exploiting the operating system Mac OSx 11 Bug Sur.

version of VMD I am trying to install is

MacOS 11.x, ARM64 (64-bit
"M1" Macs) (Apple MacOS-X 11 or later)

Yet, as expected, the only
message I get is "cannot be opened because the developer cannot be
verified", being VMD a non AppStore software.

Nonetheless, any attempt
at bypassing this error following any of the suggestions of the official
Apple web site;!!DZ3fjg!stPgVk7yYP4O7kuWTYlQO-qkC4i2citmeehbXosHV7pyDIKM42wEwqReA5Ag1MJdag$

such as, for instance,

If you're sure you trust the app developer,
you can override your security settings and allow the app to install and

Open Finder.
Locate the app you're trying to open.
the app.
Select Open.
Click Open.
The app should be saved as an
exception in your security settings, allowing you to open it in the

is completely useless. The only effect is to get a new error
message Error 10002, well known also within the Apple community
(;!!DZ3fjg!stPgVk7yYP4O7kuWTYlQO-qkC4i2citmeehbXosHV7pyDIKM42wEwqReA5B1tKHfpw$ ) and not solvable by any
of the proposed workaround, at least under Big Sur.

Any suggestion you
can provide would be highly welcome.

Thank you in advance and sorry
for the silly question.

Yours sincerely,



Mauro Boero

Institut de Physique et Chimie des Materiaux
Strasbourg (IPCMS)
CNRS-University of Strasbourg
23 rue du Loess
Strasbourg (France)

Institute of
Materials and Systems for Sustainability
Nagoya University - Oshiyama
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