From: Stefan Boresch (
Date: Tue Nov 30 2021 - 07:45:40 CST


there was a mail to the list a few days ago, to which I can't answer
anymore since I too quickly deleted it, but I just want to confirm the
issue (and it's also biting me in a course I am teaching ;-)

On Windows 1.9.4a53 the multiseq tool does not really work; even for the
very simple example from the tutorial. (The tutorial example works fine
with 1.9.3).

The STAMP alignment exercise with 1.9.4a53 (Windows) fails, because
temporary files want apparently be written to C:\ which obviously
doesn't work. The console output on 1.9.3 shows the same location, but
there things work, so I assume it's writing these files to some
legitimate location. (I failed to locate them ..).

Additional observations:

1) On all platforms, the multiseq tool tries to download two files (or
the same file from two locations) which are/is not available anymore
(but at least for the tutorial example this seems irrelevant).

MultiSeq Info) Downloading to C:/Users/stefa/work/test/vmd/multiseq/dir.hie.scop.txt_1.69 is not available: HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently
MultiSeq Info) Downloading to C:/Users/stefa/work/test/vmd/multiseq/dir.des.scop.txt_1.69 is not available: HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently
MultiSeq Info) Saving multiseq resource file: C:/Users/stefa/multiseq.rc

2) Running Linux 1.9.4a55 under WSL/Windows 11 (with WSLg) mostly
works (fonts too small, but that's a generic WSLg issue). The
multiseq exercise, however, also fails because the menus of the
multiseq tool become unresponsive. All primary menus (molecule,
graphics, display ..) work just fine.

Just thought I'd confirm the earlier post -- any insights / hints would
be appreciated.