From: Dourna Jamshideasli (
Date: Thu May 26 2022 - 11:21:50 CDT

Dear VMD users,
I would appreciate it if you could help with the “Filesize limit exceeded (core dumped)” error I am getting with VMD on Linux.

I have VMD installed in both Windows and Linux environments. Using the Windows version of the VMD, I was able to save a lammpstrj file of around 19 GB as a DCD file of about 6 GB. However, when I do the same procedure in the Linux version, I get an error message of “Filesize limit exceeded (core dumped),” and only about 4 MB of the file could get saved.

It is time-consuming to move files to my Windows and then do the conversion. Also, I need to do the same action for many cases, and it will take me ages to go through the VMD in Windows. After checking with our Network Service and using ulimit -a, I am sure there is no limitation on the file size creation. How can I use the VMD on Linux to store a file of a larger size?
Thanks for your time and consideration.

Thank you,

Dourna Jamshideasli

Ph.D. Candidate | MECH

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