From: Geist, Norman (
Date: Thu Jun 16 2022 - 07:01:13 CDT


you can use a "stride" value when using the GUI to load your files.
Away from that, catdcd is the best tool for such operations. I also
suggest removing for example the water from the DCD files to reduce
the size, in case you will not need it for your analysis. Look
here;!!DZ3fjg!8JhVboqkmd6_fl9qwOWMuQ0r2LKeLZvWqyf2rYRCCXIki3ImnKueoz7JIBkAw07iwSEyv0jgtimPhGn9quXYhY3DnFXcUklMEg$  for

Norman Geist
Am Donnerstag, den 16-06-2022 um 12:14 schrieb Efthymiou, Christos:


I have run several molecular dynamics simulations on a protein-protein
complex that I would like to analyze with different python programs I
have found online. However, the file size of my production run is
around 5 GB and seems to overwhelm the programs and the memory I have
on my computer. Is there a way to reduce the size of a .dcd file? For
example, create a new .dcd file that only has every 50th frame of the
original? I have a Windows 10 computer with the 32bit and 64bit
versions of VMD available. 

Thanks in advance.