From: Mcguire, Kelly (klmcguire_at_UCSD.EDU)
Date: Fri Oct 21 2022 - 14:42:37 CDT

No, I just emailed it in once...

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Subject: Re: QMMM Update

Do you mean to keep sending out this message?
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Subject: vmd-l: QMMM Update

I finally got both MOPAC 22.0.4 and ORCA 5.0.3 working for QMMM in NAMD 2.14. I can even run the "" and files with qmSecProc without it crashing. However, if I try to open the MOPAC or ORCA outputs to view the orbitals, VMD 1.9.4a55 either complains that it can't open Orca version 5.0.3 even though it's a .orc output or no file type for the MOPAC output which is .out. Does anyone have a way to view the orbitals in VMD from both ORCA and MOPAC outputs? It seems like there hasn't been an update in years for utility. Thanks!

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