From: Frederico De Santana Pontes (
Date: Mon Nov 20 2023 - 06:03:40 CST

Hi everyone!

I have some difficulties to work with VMD 1.9.3 on my machine. Rotating a system (~500k Coarse-grain beads)in a default configuration (Coloring Method: Name; Drawing Method: Lines; Material: Opaque) is a really hard task.

I know that my system is quite large, but I'm running VMD locally and my machine has the following features:

OS: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.8
Memory: 62.3 GiB
Processor Intel Xeon(R) W-2245 CPU @ 3.90 GHz x 16
GNOME v.3.32.2

I don't know if the difficulties to manipulate/rotate my system in VMD is due to the size system or some other reason, which I could improve on a new installation. Maybe I could make some tests to evaluate VMD performance, but I don't know which kind of test.
Someone could help me in this situation?

Kind regards,