From: Trollmann, Marius (
Date: Tue Nov 28 2023 - 01:44:48 CST

Dear VMD-Community,

a quick update and a new struggle.
I compiled VRPN on my Windows-Machine with the option for the Phantom
Haptic Device. I did therefore the recommended changes in the
vrpn_Config.h file and included the required paths to the OpenHaptics
librarys. I also get a VRPN server running that seems to be connected to
my Touch Device. Here, I used the same config files as they were already
present for the Phantom Haptic Device (they are from the same company).
The next step should be then, as far as I understood, the compilation of
VMD with the VRPN library. However, at this point I struggle, since I
never compiled VMD on a Windows machine and all websites about this
topic seem to recommend using a pre-compiled version of VMD. I tried to
use cygwin, but then a lot of standard headers files are not found if I
call make. (To be honest, I already have problems to compile the plugins
which is required before even compiling VMD).

It would help me a lot, if somebody would give me some tips how to
proceed at this point.

All the best,