From: Isralewitz, Barry (
Date: Fri Dec 01 2023 - 19:29:06 CST

[Apologies for the re-post; had a strange mail problem]

Dear VMD-L,

     We have recently produced Apple-approved cryptographically signed VMD builds for macOS, and have made them available for download.
     We seek your testing and feedback, as this is one of the last things we needed to resolve to release VMD 1.9.4.

Go to the VMD download page: on either of the Mac options under "Version 1.9.4 LATEST ALPHA", log in, then click on:
      VMD 1.9.4a57 (signed) for MacOS X, 64-bit Apple M1 (ARM64)
      VMD 1.9.4a57 (signed) for MacOS X, 64-bit Intel x86 (x86_64)