From: Corey Taylor (
Date: Wed Dec 27 2023 - 05:22:48 CST

Dear list,

The issue of menu items not working for M1 users (VMD 1.9.4a51-arm64-Rev9)
has come up a few times (most recently in 2021 ->

Most recently for me, when I use the Extension -> RMSD Trajectory Tool, I
can't edit the atom selection and the buttons don't fully work. I have
noticed that opening the TK console automatically via the vmdrc magically
makes them work again. e.g. in the after idle section:

after idle {

  if { 1 } {

    foreach molid [molinfo list] {

      reset_viz $molid

      menu tkcon on

      menu tkcon move 800 150




Are there plans for a long-term solution with respect to changes made by
Apple? Or does this issue prevent a stable MacOS version for ARM CPUs from
ever being released?

Cheers all,