From: Andrew Dalke (
Date: Thu Dec 19 1996 - 11:40:38 CST

  Hello, and welcome to the VMD mailing list. There are over twenty
people on it, so I feel now is an appropriate time to start things

  As a start, perhaps subscribers here would like to send to the list
a few lines about what they are doing and how VMD is (or might be)
used. From the help requests and comments I get, people from many
fields use VMD, and others (and myself :) may be interested in hearing
about some of them.

  Saying that, let me introduce myself. My name is Andrew Dalke and
I'm currently the main developer of VMD, having been passed the lead
from the original author, Bill Humphrey. I've been involved with the
project for nearly three years now. My main interest is in developing
software tools that make advanced molecular modelling easier and more
fun to do, both for the user and the developer. I believe we have
done so with VMD.

  If you have any questions or suggestions about VMD, the mailing
list, or the web pages, feel free to mention them to the list; or send
them directly to us at