From: Andrew Dalke (
Date: Wed Mar 12 1997 - 15:19:48 CST

David Jones <>
> Has anyone implemented the ability to output Wavefront obj format
> fpr raytracing ? Even alpha or beta software would be OK.

  Not that I know about. One of the things we cleaned up for the
1.2b1 version is the support for different renderers, so soon (coming
just as soon as we can finish off the Linux port! :) it shouldn't be
too hard to others to add.

  Do you have a reference somewhere to the Wavefront format?
Depending on the complexity we might just it ourselves (though I've
been saying that to myself for about 2 months for the RenderMan/BMRT
format). VMD uses a small set of primitives (point, lines, cylinders,
spheres, triangles, and triangles-with-vertex-normals) so the biggest
problem is getting the format description. Well actually, the biggest
problem is installing the viewer to verify that everything is working

  If there is anyone here who would like to add a new format
(SoftImage? DXF?) or fix/clean up ones that we already have
(esp. POV-Ray and Radiance), or offer suggestions on how to improve
the renderer outputs, feel free to contact us at

                                                Andrew Dalke