From: Keith Refson (
Date: Wed Nov 05 1997 - 06:42:17 CST

I have been attempting to read in some MD trajectories from an XYZ
file, but I find that VMD is only able to read in the first 58 frames.

The error message for the 59th -> nth frame look like...

ERROR) Unable to open coordinate file /usr/tmp/ for reading

(Though I don't see whi the file has an xyz extension......)

I have been able to determine:

1) That it seems to be the number of frames that matters. Three very
   different simulations (64 waters, 64 waters + clay surface,
   40 C60 + 1 CO molecule) all fail to read in frame 59.

2) Babel successfully converts *all* of the frames in the file, and
   I am not exhausting quota or diskspace.

3) It's not an internal limit. I can convert the extra frames invoking
   babel externally and read them in by hand using the edit form.

Any ideas?

Keith Refson

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