From: T. Chyau Liang, Ph.D. (
Date: Wed Jan 08 1997 - 15:05:28 CST

  As a start, perhaps subscribers here would like to send to the list
>a few lines about what they are doing and how VMD is (or might be)
>used. From the help requests and comments I get, people from many
>fields use VMD, and others (and myself :) may be interested in hearing
>about some of them.

I apologize for the late reply.

Hi, this is Chyau Liang. I am a protein chemist and am working on structure
and function realtionships of enzymes (primarily, proteases). We currently
use Amber and Quanta/Charmm for modeling and dynamic studies. For graphics
I use RasMol, MolMol, MacMolecule, Molscript/Raster 3D. I just started to
install NAMD and VMD and would certainly appreciate any comments and

Happy New Year to everyone.

T. Chyau Liang, Ph.D. Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Assist. Prof. & Director, NMR facility UT-Houston Medical School
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