From: Nithin Rai (
Date: Tue Nov 18 1997 - 11:34:14 CST

hello.. i've altered atomrep and DrawMolItem to add an extra
representation - bead models. I've kept the code for generating bead
model co-odinates in a seperate file. I've extracted x,y,z co-ordinates and
radius of the beads and would now lie to display them on the VMD GUI. I'd
like to use

        cmdSphereIndex.putdata(3*i, radius, this);

except i've no idea how this structure-function is used ??

I guess i'm not going to find something like drawSphere(x,y,z,r);

Could someone please tell me the best procedure for drawing spheres.
I'd like to try and base it on the sequence of instructions that is used
to generate triangles in DrawMolItemSurface.C.