From: Andrew Dalke (
Date: Wed Jan 14 1998 - 22:07:30 CST

Simon Hogg <> asked:
> Has anyone had any success compiling VMD for a DEC Alpha?

  I managed to get it to compile for a Dec Alpha but there were two
problems I didn't get resolved.

  1) The VMD internal display lists made some assumptions that
sizeof(float) = sizeof(int) = sizeof(void *), which isn't correct for
that 64-bit OS. The result is there was no graphics.

  2) the regular expression library used by VMD, a modified version of
librx from GNU, also has a 32-bit dependency in it. A newer version
of librx is available, but I haven't had a chance to redo the
modifications to it out. The result is atom selections don't work,
including the selection "all" used to select the initial set of atoms
to view. (Not that there are graphics anyway ...)

> I sort of gave up getting it going on my Linux Box, as it was only a
> 486,

  I assume the problem was the speed? I can't think of anything we
did that depends directly on a 586 (eg, we didn't set a 586 compile

                                                Andrew Dalke

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