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Date: Wed Oct 20 2004 - 11:15:27 CDT

On Wed, 20 Oct 2004, Marc Q. Ma wrote:

MM> Dear VMD developers,
MM> Saving VMD states is a great feature. I have enjoyed using it. However,
MM> when I wanted to use the same set of states (saved on Mac OS X) to
MM> display my systems in other machines (SUN OS 2.9 with AFS), I found
MM> that the states contain absolute paths of my files, which is not
MM> usable.
MM> Same problems happen when someone want to share a saved state with
MM> others about the same system but different choice of display styles
MM> (cylinder, coil, bond, etc) -- they usually do not keep a directory
MM> structure same as others.
MM> One way to dismiss this problem is to allow users to save states using
MM> relative path, such as the unix "./" for current directory. States
MM> saved this way will be usable among users studying the same system as
MM> long as they maintain the same relative dir, which can be easily
MM> achieved by putting all files in one directory.


you could easily postprocess the state files with a program like
sed to get the desired effect. try,

sed -e "s@${HOME}/@./@" saved_state.vmd > fixed_saved_state.vmd

to remove the home directory part or

sed -e "s@${PWD}/@./@" saved_state.vmd > fixed_saved_state.vmd

to remove the current path or just replace the ${...} part with
any string you like to remove from the pathname. this is not
totally safe, but should work in many cases.

best regards,


MM> Looking forward to get some insight from you!
MM> Thanks,
MM> Marc
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