From: Luis Gracia (
Date: Mon Oct 25 2004 - 13:42:37 CDT


We are having a problem with the use of the "same as" expression. The
       "(exwithin 2 of resid 210) and noh"
correctly shows 2 atoms (of resids 71 and 76), while
       "(same resid as exwithin 2 of resid 210) and noh"
fails showing also resids 124 and 128.

Using the short circuit expression
       "noh exwithin 2 of resid 210"
again correctly shows only the 2 atoms of resids 71 and 76, and
       "same resid as noh exwithin 2 of resid 210"
correctly shows only the two complete resids 71 and 76.

Is there something we are missing in the second expression? I am using
vmd 1.8.2 on a linux box. I can attach a pdb file upon request (235Kb),
but don't want to make any inconvinience for everybody.



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