From: Luis Rosales (
Date: Tue Oct 26 2004 - 15:11:53 CDT

Dear John,

I just tried the new alpha version of vmd (Linux)!!! (a couple of images are
attached on the mail...)

The Pov export of surfaces is really good, a lot cleaner than the previous
I generated surfaces on small proteins like ubiquitin and big complexes like
the nucleosome, on every case the parsing of the files was just fine,
without the degenerate triangle warning.
Also, I think that the size of the generated Pov files is a lot smaller than
the previous versions (I only checked ubiquitin and the size difference was
8Mb in vmd 1.8.3a vs. 11Mb in vmd 1.8.2).

The only trouble I found was on the rendering of the "new ribbons"
representation of proteins. On every case I got the message "all
determinants too small". Even as I tried warious ribbons resolutions, I was
unable to avoid the warning. I am not sure, but I wonder if this could be
related to the curvature asociated to the "sides" of the ribbon??

One last question,

I wonder why color gradients are not conserved when you render them on a
surface, (why a surface colored by position is made of discrete colored
"patches" of tringles instead of a true gradient?).

Thank you and best regards,


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> > > I tested on both linux and windows (I use VMD 1.8.2 and Povray 3.5),
> > > but to no avail. I used VMD/povray already before, and I don't
> > > to have had problems then. My structures consists mainly of
> > > Bonds, VDW and NewRibbons Graphical Representations.
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> > > Any clues?
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> > > Regards,
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> > > Dominique

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