From: Dr. Daniel James White PhD (
Date: Thu Apr 14 2005 - 09:17:40 CDT

Hi John,

I am trying to make movies of viral capsids.

So... I am using msms to make low resolution triangle surfaces,
so I dont run out of memory,
and I'm using the biological unit pdb file
1c8g.pdb1 which has 60 "states"


1) On fedora core 3 linux,
I have downloaded and installed correctly msms 2.5.5. and vmd 1.8.3
msms works from the command line with command
and alo I have pointed $MSMSSERVER to /usr/local/bin/msms
but VMD gives this error when I try to make an MSMS surface.

ERROR) Could not connect to MSMS server ...... etc. etc etc.

my /etc/hosts file contains modeling
localhost.localdomain localhost localhost localhost

commenting out the top line still gives the same error.

same version of MSMS seems to work just fine with VMD 1.3.8 on my OSX

2) I was using VMD 1.8.3b on linux to do the
Graphical Reprsentations-trajectory-draw multiple frames
thing to show all sixty subunits of the virus.

today I updated it to 1.8.3
now on linux and OSX VMD 1.3.8 this no longer seems to work.

I type in
in the box as before,
and hit return,
but nothing happens.
In 1.8.3b doing this showed all the 60 molecules.

What am i doing wrong!?



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