From: Axel Kohlmeyer (
Date: Thu Oct 13 2005 - 10:49:25 CDT

On Thu, 13 Oct 2005, Hyonseok Hwang wrote:

HH> Dear all,
HH> I'm wondering if anybody already asked this question.
HH> I have several pdb files and would like to make a movie with them. One
HH> problem is that the total number of atoms are not the same in each pdb
HH> file. That is, some atoms will disappear and appear if I make a movie. I
HH> tried the 'animatepdbs' script, but it worked only when the total number
HH> of atoms are the same in each pdb file. Does anyone have an idea?


yes, this has been discussed on the list before. please have a look at:

for a possible solution. not elegant, but does the trick.


HH> Thanks a lot in advance.
HH> -Hyon

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