From: Kevin Y. Sanbonmatsu (
Date: Sun Feb 12 2006 - 19:05:34 CST

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Job still pending in the queue? Come to Los Alamos Nat. Lab. and become
part of the next wave in biomolecular simulation. We are aggressively
recruiting talented programmers interested in writing and porting code to
advanced architecture CPUs for use on large-scale supercomputing machines
up to and including petaflop-scale machines. Experience in MPI, c and
assembly language required. In addition, we are seeking (1) MD simulation
scientists to simulate large systems, and (2) RNA biochemists to perform
site-directed mutagenesis and RNA modification experiments on the ribosome
and other RNA systems. The three post-doctoral positions start

Current post-doc salary guidelines:
PhD+ 0 $64,500
PhD + 1 $66,200
PhD + 2 $67,900
PhD + 3 $69,600
PhD + 4 $71,400
PhD + 5 $71,800
PhD + 6 $73,500
PhD + 7 $75,500
Comprehensive benefits also included.

Situated between the academic, industry, national security and defense
research communities, LANL has an intellectually diverse environment and
demands creative, innovative and pioneering solutions. LANL is an
interdisciplinary research facility with significant efforts in chemistry,
physics, biology, biophysics, computer science, paleontology, mathematics,
encryption, space science, earth science, materials science, astrophysics,
engineering, social science and nanotechnology. As home to one of the
first supercomputers, LANL has a long history in supercomputing and
currently houses the $100M Q machine, with over twenty departments devoted
to the design, implementation and application of supercomputers. The
Sanbonmatsu Team has ample computing time allocations and state-of-the-art
facilities for visualization and data analysis. Interested candidates
should send cv (due 3/3/06) and 3 letters of recommendation (due 3/17/06)
to The Postdoctoral Program is one of the Laboratory's
primary recruitment mechanisms for faculty members. Please email directly
rather than posting to the mailing list.

Kevin Sanbonmatsu
Principal Investigator
Theoretical Biology and Biophysics
Theoretical Division
Los Alamos National Laboratory