From: Axel Kohlmeyer (
Date: Fri Sep 01 2006 - 15:34:59 CDT

hi everybody,

as many of you might know, the 'draw' command in VMD can be extended via
providing procedures of the name vmd_draw_XXX, which would be turned into
a draw XXX command. the general idea is to provide an option to overide the
internal graphics command and intergrate compound objects built from the
povided primitives. there is one example in the user's guide and i've started
building some more, while at the same time making them as similar as possible
to the internal graphics commands (and thus the default draw commands).
the result is currently at:
and can be used by copying it into $VMDDIR/scripts/init.d/ or using the
contributed rpm(s).

i'm currently looking for additional implementations of those kind of compound
draw objects, so that i know what is used and needed and that we can have
a reliable and consistent library of those scripts that could be shipped with
vmd at some point in time and that script or plugin writer can depend on
(and thus do not have to reinvent that wheel over and over again).
don't worry, if your draw extension is not written as elaborately as the
ones provided in the library so far, i'm more interested to see what other
people want/need and some kind of prototype implementation.

best regards,

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