From: Rob (
Date: Thu Oct 12 2006 - 23:24:26 CDT

Hi all,

I use VMD exclusively with the VASP interface, but
I think my question applies to general shortcomings
of VMD. I'm currently using VMD 1.8.5.

When I load simply the coordinates of a set of atoms
in a unit cell, I can see the periodic replications
by checking the Periodic checkboxes in the window
of the "Graphical Representations".

However, when I load volumetric data (e.g. in VASP
this is the charge density), the periodic checkboxes
are there but they don't work at all. Is this a bug?

I really would like to extend this volumetric data
according to the periodic boundary conditions, so
that I can replicate both the atoms and the
corresponding volumetric data.


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