From: Andrew Gormanly (
Date: Tue Oct 17 2006 - 08:03:45 CDT

Hi folks.

This is my first mail to this list, but I can't find anything in the
archives directly related to this point, so I thought I'd ask the
question: are the spec files or srpms of Axel Kohlmeyer's contributed
Fedora builds supposed to be available, and if so, where are they?

The unofficial build download page (
) suggests so, but there's no obvious place to find them, and I get
404's on any semi-obvious guesses...

I'd like to get VMD building as a RPM on RHEL 3 and 4, i386 and x86_64
versions, and using Axel's spec files as a starting place would save me
some work. I'd obviously be very happy to post the binaries as
unofficial RPM builds once I get it working.


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